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Monday, January 19, 2015

Bright Sparks 4 Kids

We are learning all about electricity.
We have got a new Bright Sparks 4 Kids kit in the school.
Today teacher showed us how to make circuits.
 Tomorrow we look forward to making them ourselves.
We made circuits that lit a bulb (using one and then two batteries).
We made circuits that made a buzzer sound or made a fan rotate (again using one and then two batteries).

We found that if we used two batteries instead of a single battery that the bulb lit brighter, that the motor turned faster and that the buzzer sounded higher.
We even inserted switches so we could turn the buzzer/light/motor on and off.
We are really good at figuring out how circuits work!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Working with electricity

We have been talking about electricity.
Yesterday we saw how to make a circuit.
Today we gave it a try for ourselves.
In groups of three, we were given a battery, a bulb and two wires and we had to get the bulb to light.
It was quite a challenge but when we worked together we could get the bulbs lighting.
Next teacher took away one wire and we had to light the bulb again, this time with just a bulb, a battery and only one wire.
We are good at this when we work together.
Tomorrow we will talk about electrical safety.