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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our class wormery

Grandad John brought us a jar full of nice juicy worms yesterday.
They need a proper home so today we set up the wormery.
We filled the container with layers of soil, compost and sand.
It was like a pattern: soil, compost and sand, soil, compost and sand etc.
Then we all took tuns at adding the worms.
Some were huge, some were tiny, there were lots of them.
We expect them to dig tunnels in their wormery.
After just a few minutes there were no worms left at the top of the wormery.
Why not?
Worms prefer to stay deep down in the soil where it is dark and safe from the birds.
Tomorrow we will take off the cardboard cover and see where the worms went.
This is really exciting!

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