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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Visit from a scientist

We love science in our class.
We have a mammy in our class who works with Medtronic in Galway.
She uses Science in her job every day.
Magda came to tell us all about her work.
 Magda's company make stents for people who have bad hearts.
We know that if you eat unhealthy foods and do not exercise enough, you can develop heart disease.
 This is what a stent looks like.
 Magda explained how stents are made, and how they can be placed in your heart through a vein in your leg or armpit.
When the stent is in place in your heart, it can be expanded and then left there to make sure that no more fat builds up in the arteries and veins of the heart.
Placing a stent in a diseased heart can save the life of a person who needs it.
 All the stents that are made must be kept really clean and sterile.
Magda explained what is done in her company to keep the clean room clean.
All the workers need to wear hair nets, white coats and white covers for their shoes to prevent any dirt or germs getting in to the stents.
They must wash their hands a lot to keep their hands clean and they must never come to work if they are sick.
 We think that Magda has a really interesting job and we are really impressed that she is using science to help save people's lives.
Thank you so much for such an interesting talk today!

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