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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Technology in our jobs

We have a mammy in our class who works with Hewlett Packard.
She works in quality control and today she was explaining all about her job.
It sounds really interesting.
Dee uses technology in her job every day.
Her company makes computers, and printers and apps for phones and computers.
Today she brought us in some really interesting products that are made by HP (along with some cool pens, highlighters, luggage labels, notebooks, voice recorder and coffee mug for teacher!....wonderful souvenirs, thank you!)
HP makes some products that allow you to talk into a voice recorder, then have your recording typed automatically by the computer.  Wouldn't that save teachers (and secretaries so much work)?  HP even have a product that allows you to speak directly into headphones and have your voice recognized by the computer and your typing done automatically!  We love the sound of this!
Dee showed us the work she does in HP.  It involves checking each product before it leaves the factory to make sure that nothing is missing from each box they sell.  We can see how useful the highlighters are for this job!
Thank you so much Dee for your wonderful talk and to you and HP for the lovely souvenirs you gave us today.  Thumbs up from all of us.  We can't wait to start recording our own voices!

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