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Monday, April 27, 2015

Dangers of sound

Today we were talking some more about sounds.
We talked about annoying sounds, how loud sounds are useful for warning us of dangers, and how sounds get softer as they move away from us, and louder as they come nearer.
We tried covering our ears with our hands.  This muffled sounds around us but we could still hear our own voices.  Covering only one ear was very interesting...some sounds were muffled but others we could clearly hear with the ear that wasn't covered.  We discovered that we could hear more clearly when we cupped our hands behind our ears.
We played a find the toy game by clapping loud and fast any time the searcher was near the toy, and clapping slowly and quietly whenever the searcher was far away from the toy.
We used bags of water and sand to check to see what noises we could hear.
We discovered that both sand and water help muffle the sounds around us.  We could make good protective earmuffs using either sand or water!
We will keep ourselves safe by not listening to sounds that are very loud and could damage our hearing.

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