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Monday, September 5, 2016

Materials pass the parcel and using a digital microscope

Today we were discussing different materials.
 We talked about different characteristics of materials: which are waterproof or absorbent, reflective, rough or smooth, hard or soft, transparent, translucent or opaque, hot or cold.   We played a game of pass the parcel where the winner each time had to describe the material they had before unwrapping it to get their prize.
Inside each layer there was also a 2D foam shape and we discussed these shapes too…their names, colours, angles, corners and whether they roll or not.  We really enjoyed this game and we learned lots about materials and 2D shapes.

 6/9/16 Yesterday we talked about different materials.
Today we looked at these materials with our digital microscope. We found this very interesting.
bubble wrap
plastic bag
hairs on my arm
my scab...ooooo!
We also examined our hair, fingerprints, scabs and clothes under the microscope.
We were surprised at some of the designs the cloth has under the microscope.

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