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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Explorer's Education Programme

Noirin came back to visit us today and to teach us some more about marine life. We learned lots of big words - one was 'camouflage.' We then did a fun activity where we cut out shapes from newspaper and tried to camouflage them onto another sheet of newspaper!
Noirin looked at our project which was about seahorses. We learned lots about seahorses when doing our project. Did you know that seahorses swim upright and that they are the slowest fish in the ocean?
Finally, Noirin showed us a diagram of a squid, before producing a real squid for us to examine! We took turns holding him before Noirin cut him open so we could see inside him! We even got to write using his ink!
Before Noirin left she presented us with a certificate for taking part in the Explorer's Education Programme. We had great fun. Thanks, Noirin!

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