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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Senses: Smell, touch, hearing

 Yesterday we used our sense of sight.
Today we began by using our sense of touch.
 Teacher put some nature items into a small feeley bag.
One student put his hand into the bag and we asked some questions such as
Is the item big/small, rough/smooth, warm/cool to touch, what shape is it etc?
If we couldn't guess at all the child gave us some hints.
We like this game.  It was fun, we used lots of words and we found we are quite good at guessing.
 Next we tried out our sense of smell.
Teacher had 7 little bottles filled with different smells.
 We had to close our eyes, smell the bottle and guess what it contained.
We found some of the smells easy to identify but some were quite difficult.
Would you know the smell of perfume, wash-up liquid, chlorine, ginger, onions, coffee and vinegar?
 Lastly today we played a hearing game.
A pine cone was hidden while a child was outside the door.
When that child returned we clapped loudly and quickly when the child finding the cone was close, but we clapped slowly and quietly when the child was far away.
It was quite hard to find the cone just using our sense of hearing.
Here are some fun senses songs to learn:

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