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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sound: Experiments with tuning forks and string telephones

We are learning lots about sound.
We know that sounds are made from vibrations and that sounds can travel through air, through solids and through liquids.
Today we tested how sound travels through string when we used string telephones.
We had to keep the strings nice and tight and make sure that our fingers didn't touch the string.
The telephones work really well.
We also tried using tuning forks.
When you hit a tuning fork off the ground or a table, the prongs on the tuning fork vibrate.
We tried holding a vibrating tuning fork against a container of peas, a container of rice and against a ping pong ball, all for very impressive results!
We got the peas and the rice to dance about as the tuning fork sent its vibrations to them (we even got a pea to hop out of the container entirely!)
We could hear the note the tuning fork made as we did this.
(Did you know that our tuning fork ALWAYS makes the same note:- we tried this out lots of times and it really is so!)
We got our ping pong ball to jump on the string when we brought the tuning fork beside it.
We even made yoghurt cartons and string sound like chickens!

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