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Monday, November 25, 2013

Eggs speriments

We tried some experiments with eggs.
Teacher had some raw eggs and some cooked eggs in her egg box.
We had to guess which were the cooked eggs and which ones were raw.
Then teacher showed us how to tell them apart by spinning them.
The cooked egg spins well and stops as soon as you put your finger on top because the inside of the egg is all joined to the shell. (like a child in a car with a seat belt on will stop immediately the car comes to a sudden stop)
The raw egg takes longer to get spinning but stays spinning if you stop it with your finger then take your finger off the spinning egg. (like a child in a car with no seat belt on will continue to move forward even if the car comes to a sudden stop)
We also tried squeezing eggs to see how strong the shell is.
They are really really strong.  Do you know why?
It is to stop the mother hen from crushing her chicks when she sits on them to incubate them, keep them warm and help them hatch out of their shells.

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