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Monday, November 18, 2013

Science week show

 Today we went to see the bug doctor.He was really nice and had lots of interesting things to show us and tell us.

 He showed us a tarantula.It was really cool.
Teacher was lucky enough and brave enough to hold her. She was very furry and still.
 Then we saw a scorpion, he has a stinger at the end of his tail.
 Brighid, Michael and Jack got to hold it, they had to have steady hands.
 There were millipedes that we all got to hold, they are long and have lots of legs, they can have over 1700 legs, these ones have 370 approx.
 Try and spot the stick insect, it's very good at being a stick. To stop itself from being eaten by hungry birds it mimics a stick.
 Another fellow that is good at mimicking the dead leaf insect!
The snails were huge. They were called giant snails from Nigeria.
 A lovely bearded dragon came next, he was recovering from a broken tail so we had to be gentle
 SSSSSSSsssssss, a California King snake, he only eats twice a month. He had red eyes and a red tongue.

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