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Friday, November 8, 2013

Meteors, craters and the end of the dinosaurs

Teacher set up a sandbox planet.  It was made of sand with sieved chocolate on top.
There were dinosaurs on the planet.
Orbiting round the planet were some asteroids (the different sized balls).
When the asteroids came out of orbit some of them hit the planet.
They hit the planet as meteors and made huge craters.
The poor dinosaurs didn't stand a chance.
Some of the dinosaurs were killed by the meteors, others were killed by the dust thrown up as the meteors landed, and still others were killed because the dust blocked the sun and this caused an ice age.
This is what actually happened to the dinosaurs that used to live on earth!
We noticed that different sized asteroids made different sized craters.
We felt sorry for the dinosaurs but as one of us pointed is a good thing that the dinosaurs are really gone because they might like to eat US!

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