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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Exploring materials using the digital microscope

We have a digital microscope in our class.
We can connect it up to the laptop and then connect this to the whiteboard.
Today we looked at our clothes and our bodies under the microscope.
This is what we saw:

We were very surprised at what materials look like under the microscope.

We used a large magnifying glass which was interesting too but not as detailed as the microscope.
We also played "Pass the Parcel" but with a difference:-
As we opened each layer we talked about the material that covered the parcel
Was it hard or soft, waterproof or absorbent, transparent or opaque and was it smooth or rough.
When we unwrapped a layer we could keep the prize and we had to describe the shape we found beside our prize.  What was the name of the shape?  How many corners and sides did it have? Could the shape roll or not?

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