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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our rocket morning

We had a wonderful rocket morning.
We set up our room yesterday.  Everyone was responsible for a table on which there was a space item.  We each had to talk about this item with our parents, visitors and other visiting classes.
Our parents came to see, other classes came to see and our principal Mrs. Coleman came to see.
At different intervals throughout the morning teacher rang the bell, the visiting children sat on the floor and the visiting adults moved to the sides of the room for various demonstrations.
We had demonstrations on:
how to launch straw rockets

how to launch elastic foam rockets
how to launch a stomp rocket
how to launch the snowman rocket
how to make a volcano
how craters are formed and how dinosaurs died
how to launch a fizzy rocket 
how gravity causes objects to fall
how to launch balloon rockets

The last part of our rocket morning involved launching the big air and water rockets in the yard outside.  The whole school came to see this.  It was soooooo exciting!

We lost our two water rockets.  After several goes both rocket landed on the roof.  Mike our long suffering caretaker has already rescued one and will rescue the other one some time when he gets a longer ladder!
What a wonderful morning.
Well done to all in Ms. McLoughlin's, Ms. Coade's and Ms. Geraghty's classes for the wonderful rocket morning!

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