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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Red cabbage, acids and caring for our teeth

We all like having lovely clean shiny teeth.
We were talking today about how acids can be bad for your teeth. can we tell which things are acids or not.
Teacher had some cabbage with her today.  It looks purple but it is called red cabbage.
When you put this in hot water the water turns blue.  It is a pH indicator.
Now all we had to do was add things to find out whether they are acids or not.
We found that lemon, vinegar, orange juice and Sprite are all acids and turn the cabbage water pink.
Bread soda is not (it is an alkali or base) and turns the cabbage water light blue.
Now we know which drinks are acids and we will wash our teeth well after drinking acids in foods.
Here's a great song about brushing your teeth:

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