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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Coloured daffodils

10th March 2015
 Here are the daffodils we put in coloured water.
11th March 2015
 After a night in colour, our daffodils have been drinking the coloured water and have changed colours.  We think this is really cool.
We wondered what would happen if we swapped colours.
Will both daffodils turn purple?
We tried this and will look at our daffodils again tomorrow.
How exciting.
UPDATE 12th March 2015
Here's what happened to our daffodils.
Each daffodil has both red and blue colours on their trumpets and leaves.  The colour looked a bit brown.
We think that it is because of the mix of colours: red, yellow and blue that the colour on the daffodils now looks mostly brown.  Mixing those 3 primary colours does indeed give a brown colour.
Now we know for sure that all flowers (even cut ones) like to drink water up through their stems to their pretty leaves!

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