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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Planting cress seeds and colouring daffodils

Today we planted cress seeds.
  We know that seeds need light, water and air to grow. 
This is exactly what we will give our seeds.
We do have one pot of seeds in the press and those seeds will get no light.
One pot of seeds will get no water and one pot of seeds is in a plastic bag so they won't get any air.
We can't wait to see how they all grow (or not)!

 We found some daffodils that had fallen over.
Teacher picked them and took them inside.
We wonder how plants drink water.  We think they might suck it up like a straw.
We added some food dye to water (one red, one blue) and put a daffodil in each.
We hope the daffodils will drink the water and then we can see the colour travelling up the stems and the leaves of the daffodil.  Maybe we will have results by tomorrow.

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