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Friday, March 20, 2015

Solar eclipse

We learned all about solar eclipses in school yesterday so we were ready to see this one.
About half of the pupils in this class had brought cardboard boxes.
We put a pin prick in one side of the box and then could see an image of the sun (with the chunk gone out of it) on the other side of the box.  This worked really well.
We took turns so everyone got to see the eclipse.
Teacher also showed us how to see the eclipse by putting a pin prick in a piece of cardboard and then holding this in front of a sheet of white paper.  This worked the same as the boxes.
Teacher tried to take a picture of the eclipse without looking at all.  Disastrous!
In another class they had a special viewer.  We went to look at this but unluckily the clouds covered the sun just then so we didn't get a clear look.
We also kept an eye on what was happening with the eclipse by viewing a live stream on the whiteboard.  What an exciting morning!

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